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Token News Manila Conference sponsored by Token News was held in Manila, the Philippines on November 25th 2018. During the conference, Kohsuke Sato, the CEO of Sound Blockchain Technology and Brave Brother, the founder of Brave entertainment made a speech as a speaker.

【Event Report】Token News Manila Conference 11.25 2018 in Manila

November 25, 2018


Among other interesting projects, Brave Sound Token was standing out as an entertaining project.

Brave Entertainment and Brave Brother

Brave Brother has written almost 450 songs, and out of the 450 songs, one hundred songs won no.1 hit chart, and those songs are played 5 billion times in total on YouTube.

As a main producer of YG entertainment, the biggest music label in Korea, he produced

A-list k-pop artists like BIGBANG, Kim Hyun A, SISTER, and Supernova for 4 years

He’s also producing Samuel from tv audition program, “Produce101”.

With Sound Blockchain Technology, Brave Brother will create a new future of K-pop.

What Sound Blockchain Technology seeks for a future of K-pop

Currently, there is no platforms where fans can download songs to listen first. Even one of the biggest music service providers, MelOn does not have a system that fans download songs to make their favorite artist’s ranking go up to No.1.

Despite the fact, their sales profit is from 5000billion to 7000billion per a year.

Event in Manila

Sound Blockchain Technology will create a platform that connects artists and fans by Brave Sound Token. By the system, profit shares will be distributed to artists directly.

If download, streaming and album sale services are all available on one platform, we can expect a synergy effect.

The market cap of K-pop is expanding every year.

In the entire Japanese music market, sales of K-pop as a music genre take up 30%. In China, it takes up 10%.

Also, in the United States, the market has been rapidly expanding and its market cap is currently 7trillion KRW. Furthermore, the market has been growing 30% every year in the U.S.

Sound Blockchain Technology will provide a revolutionary service with the tide of K-pop market.

Samuel from Brave Entertainment

Famous K-Pop Artists

The super famous K-POP artist, Samuel is in the famous music label, Brave Entertainment.

On August 2nd, 2017, first solo mini-album, “SIXTEEN” was released. 30000 copies had been completely sold during the first sales period.

In the Philippines and Vietnam, his song ranked in No.1 on iTunes. Also, in Hong Kong, his song ranked in Top 10 in the music chart.

At the conference, Samuel performed “Sweet Sixteen” in a special short concert.

K-Pop Concert

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Address:Mall of Asia Complex, Seashell Ln, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines

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