Blockchain and Music
Chinese music producer Mr. 高晓松 refers to blockchain application to contents copyright from music copyright perspective.

How Can Blockchain Reverse Music Industry?

October 1, 2018


Mr. 高晓松 has an idea about the combination of blockchain and music copyright as mentioned below.

  1. On the base of blockchain technology, blockchain is saving the datas dispersedly using Distributed Ledger Technology. Therefore everyone can check the record history after the copyright is registered.
  2. Fans can funding their favorite artist’ activity like CD sales by using tokens. Fans who have tokens are all “shareholders”, and they can enjoy the profit as well.
  3. As coming of 5G age, blockchain can disperse high dimentional datas, it will bring us many more business chances sometlme in the future.
  4. As a music producer, Mr. 高晓松 is quite optimistic for music copyright to be applied blockchain technology. What the Brave Sound project in Kosea does lately is the very application of blockchain to music copyright.

What Is Brave Sound?


The power of copyright in music industry gets stronger and more solid, so we only buy songs online throught platforms. In China, there are platforms like QQ Music, Netease Cloud Music, Shrimp Music and such. It was not that long ago that Apple Music and Amazon Music fixed fee for the platforms. In other words, almost all the users are buying the membership for the platforms and enjoing the music the platforms provide.

A famous music producer in Korea, Mr. 姜东哲 a.k.a. Brave Brother considers that this existing business model has many drawbacks as mentioning based on his long experienced career. There is always third person to intervene, consumers are paying more than actually needed, therefore the income of music creators are decreasing.

Takikg this opportunity, he kept finding way to solve the problems. Then he finally found this new business model which uses blockchain and token economy. That’s how Mr. 姜东 started Brave Sound project to accomplish this vision. Music services on blockchain technology is connecting music creators to fans directly on the platform.

Brave Sound project has kinds of wealthy resources in music industry. A popular artist and also the winner of World Collaboration Prize in the 26th Seoul Music Awards 2017, Samuel is joining the Brave Sound project.

The founder of the project, Mr. 姜东哲 is well known and gets huge popularity in Japan. As represented by Big Bang, 4 Minute, AOA, Sistar, Teen Top, T-ARA, After School, and Brave Girls, these artist’s pieces of work are made by the hands of him, so he’s called Korean version of “Yasushi Akimoto” , also famous music producer in Japan”

Brave Sound is having a famous personality as an adviser not only from misic industry but also from blockchain industry, which is Mr. Roger Ver. Mr. Roger Ver is the world’s first bitcoin investor and also knows as the CEO of Now he has biggest amount of bitcoin and is called “Bitcoin Jesus”.

His participation brought Brave Sound project rich resources of blockchain industry. Brave Sound has got two sides of powerful advantages, a brilliant Korean music manager and a blockchain giant, thus the vision of the project is future promising.

What Brave Sound Can Resolve?

Existing music delivery and advertisement is done in centralized system. Even though music creators can get profit depends on its hits, they can’t know the exact hits number and how the platform distribute the profit, which is because the data is unclear and the platform is centralized. As a distributed platform, Brave Sound guarantee its data’s authenticity, and smart contract system is executing the profit distribution automatically.

Music creators and platform base can never have trouble because of this system.

By using tokens, it is possible for many investors to financially support their favorite artists, and to be “shareholders” so they can get compensation. This platform will reduce huge avertisement cost and the medium price, and will make more profit for the users and the music creators.

Nowadays, tons of free musics are being given to the users, which is setting of copyright violation. When the copyright is recorded on blockchain, copyright violations are immediately found and immediate punishment is going to be done depends on the violations.

In almost all cases, music sales is only to domestic market because of restrictions of the payment system. However, if we use tokens for sales, there will be no boundaries and limitation, which we can open up a new market worldwide.

So that means Brave Sound project can resolve these nuisance problems such as copyright violation, sales regulation, and profit distrbution issue from third person’s platform by applying blockchain technology.

Brave Sound platform is allocating music creators direct and sound profit, and the users can see it. At the same time we are also providing one-stop service from buying songs to distributing contents.

Brave Sound is actively promoting to let as many people as recognize the project. Brave Sound has already succeeded several conferences in Philippine and Vietnam. Furthermore, Brave Sound joined Japan Blockchain Conference(JBC) 2019, and it was closed successfully.

Blockchain and Copyright Problem

On blockchain technology, copyright is resistered when the system is issuing time stamps which can never be falsified generating the hash based on the information such as creators, contents, and time.

The quality of blockchain which can never be falsified assures authenticity of the uploaded contents and the copyright. It will also save the trouble of copyright applications and its cost.

But there is also disability of blockchain, which it can’t monitor the violation even if it can confirm the copyright. Therefore, the creators or authors should immediately register the copyright, or the original creators can possibly be an abuser of copyright if some bad user is registered first.

In terms of this aspect, blockchain is just copyright records but genuine protection system of copyright . Blockchain has long walk, which it also challenge and risk for Brave Sound project.


Brave Sound platform is solving many existing problems music industry has, making new business model combined music and blockchain with tokens, which will maximize creator’s profits and will give profits to users as well.

It is highly possible that Brave Sound which has tremendous resources in blockchain industry and music industry will perfect the project and the system.

However, it is obvious that blockchain has many more areas for improvement. Comprehensively evaluating, Brave Sound is worth counting on.