Sound Blockchain Technology CEO, Kohsuke Sato participated in Japan Blockchain Conference(JBC) as a speaker together with the representative of Brave Entertainment, Brave Brother. Japan Blockchain Conference(JBC) was hosted by General Incorporated Association "Global Blockchain Association", and held on 1/30-1/31, 2019, for 2 days.

【Event Report】Japan Blockchain Conference(JBC) – YOKOHAMA Round 2019 –

January 31, 2019


Japan Blockchain Conference(JBC)

Japan Blockchain Conference(JBC) is Asian biggest blockchain conference which aims to enlight and expand the application of blockchain technology which is growing day by day.

All the powerful companies and organizations from home and abroad gathered in the very same conference hall to exchange their knowledges and improve each other friendly competing.

JBC is also sending messages and information from Japan to all over the world which were generated by the conference, cooperating with the global members.

Sound Blockchain Technology (SBT) CEO Kohsuke Sato


Since he was highly regarded his outstanding management ability in his 20s, he took over the management of numbers of the restaurants.

He succeeded to generate revenue growth in several restaurants, then he started to join some publicly quoted telecommunications services company to broaden his perspective aiming for opening up a business.

In 2015, he ran into Cryptocurrency as famous for Bitcoin and Ethereum. He had a business interest in Cryptocurrency and started self education about blockchain technology.

He built up a network of connections worldwide especially in IT and blockchain industry by taking advantage of his sociable personality.

In 2018, he established Sound Blockchain Technology SDN. BHD, which develops the world’s first blockchain music platform.

Music Platform of Next Generation using Blockchain

Music industry is changing by the minute.

SBT will achieve these three goals as noted by the following in Brave Sound Token(BRST) which is a music platform of next generation.

  1. Expanding the entertainment business including K-POP across the Asia
  2. Developing the new music platform using a blockchain system
  3. Making the frame to protect artists

This background person who made K-POP to the biggest hit content all of the world is Brave Brother.

The greatest pioneer of K-POP industry joined the project as a partner, which will make it possible for them to expand the business to the K-POP industry which market size is 550 billion yen.

They will create this platform with blockchain technology and therefore they solve the problems of existing centralized control structural platforms such as profit distribution and music copyright.

Other than Mr. Brave Brother, the project member and also an actor, Lee Tegang was on the stage.
When another project member, Samuel, a popular Korean singer appeared on the stage, the hall was alive and full of excitement.

BRST display booth
6m×12m biggest booth of the conference caught people’s eyes with black based stylish design and overwhelming impact

Many visitors dropped by the booth to collect the information of the project hoping to take a look at gathering of project members.

event information: Time: January 30, 2019, January 31, 2019

Address: 1-1 Minatomirai 1 – chome Nishi – ku Yokohama – shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 220 – 001 12

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