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Brave Sound Token Vietnam Meet-up was held at Grand Plaza Hotel Hanoi on December 16th 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

【Event Report】Brave Sound Token Vietnam Meet-up 12.16 2018 in Hanoi

December 26, 2018


On the day, 900 fans, which is more than three times of expected number of 300 people coming to the event, showed up to the venue.

Bravesound event

The audience pays full attention to the video introducing Brave Brother’s marvelous achievement

At the meet-up, Sound Blockchain Technology CEO, Kohsuke Sato made a speech about BRST project to the audience.

What is BRST project?

Brave Brother, the No.1 music producer in Korea, came up with an idea of BRST project with Kohsuke Sato, the CEO of Sound Blockchain Technology, to make his dream

“I want to people around the world happy by music, specifically K-pop”

come true.

BRST provides entertaining services such as music streaming platform, K-pop artists interaction platform, and movie posting platform.

Users can enjoy music and other types of K-pop contents from anywhere in the world despite country borders.

To receive all of these services, BRST token is used.

By this BRST token, K-pop fans all over the world and K-pop artists will be connected together.

Popularity of K-pop in Vietnam

In Vietnam, K-pop has been popular from the beginning of 2000s’ to today. Top artists visits Vietnam every year and have large scale concerts.

According to the market research by Asia Plus, Vietnamese people like K-POP the second among all the foreign music genres. (*1)

Among the all famous K-pop stars, Samuel, the K-pop artist of Brave Entertainment, is notably popular in Vietnam.

When Samuel visited Vietnam, too many fans who wanted to see Samuel gathered to the airport, so the area around the airport was in chaos.


In the meet-up, the venue was jam-packed and there was no room to stand. Fans seemed that they were looking forward to the music platform BRST will release in the future.

The conference was broadcasted by a TV channel.

Sound Blockchain Technology CEO

Sound Blockchain Technology CEO is being interviewed by a TV castor

Event Information:

Time:December 16th, 2018

Venue:Grand Plaza Hotel Hanoi

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*1, “How does Vietnamese enjoy music?”from Asia Plus Q&Me Vietnam Market Research, March 2015